.EU domain for 45 Kč/year (54 Kč/yr with VAT)


The most popular, best selling and largest hosting in Czechia

Enjoy high performance, stability and quality! Only for 25 Kč a month without VAT (363,-Kč /year with VAT) includes the domain.

Reliable, powerful, fast, eco-friendly - Suitable for everyone - Biggest and best-selling - 2 private datacenters with support 24/7/365

Hosting for everyone

Within 25 months we became the most popular Czech webhosting and we completely changed the market. Enjoy luxury hosting services for incomparable prices.


Unlimited storage on most modern and extremly quick NVMe SSD.
1,25 €/měsíc 1,51 €/měsíc s DPH
  • PHP 7.1, 7,0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3
  • HTTP/2 + SSL
  • 1 GB for MySQL *
  • 5 GB for emails*
  • IPS/IDS and DDoS protection

Virtual Servers

Select the parameters of your own VPS and pay only for what you need.
od 2,80 €/měsíc od 3,39 €/měsíc s DPH
  • 3,4 Ghz processors
  • Extremely quick NVMe SSD
  • KVM with root access
  • Parameters can be increased
  • Server HPE Moonshot


Choose from our server selection with a private datacenter background.
od 38 €/měs od 45,98 €/měs. s DPH
  • Branded servers HPE
  • Connectivity 3x 100 Gbps
  • Backup servers available
  • Private datacentre
  • Advanced DDoS protection

Cheapest Domains

Register and prolong domains with an accredited registrar, who sells them for purchase prices! We belong to the largest registrars in Czechia. We grow the fastest on the market.

Currently we are providing 420549 domains!

We are the hosting in Czechia. Those who want to succeed come to us!

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